Visualizing Image Augmentation Pipelines with Streamlit

Across all data domains, images have received the greatest amount of attention. Just consider convolutional neural networks: their kernels lend themselves easily to detecting objects in images, regardless of their position. Or, the

June's Reads & Books for July

Carl Honoré, Raymond M. Kethledge & Michael S. Erwin As in July, two great works came across my reading table. Both books explore two oft-neglected aspects of our lives: being slow and being alone.

May's reads & books for June

Tara Westover, Frédéric Gros Reading is not a race. It’s not how many books we can devour but how much of a single book we grasp. While a personal library filled with

April's reads

Cal Newport, Greg McKeown, Dan Millman, Malcolm Gladwell April began with typical — if we dare to use this word given the current circumstances — April weather. Some sun, some rain, a little bit of