A collection of posts dedicated to reading.

June's Reads & Books for July

Carl Honoré, Raymond M. Kethledge & Michael S. Erwin As in July, two great works came across my reading table. Both books explore two oft-neglected aspects of our lives: being slow and being alone.

April's reads

Cal Newport, Greg McKeown, Dan Millman, Malcolm Gladwell April began with typical — if we dare to use this word given the current circumstances — April weather. Some sun, some rain, a little bit of

March's reads

Mark Twain, Adler & van Doren, Stephen Hawking, Barbara Oakley This March 2022, I finally finished a challenging read, How To Read A Book, by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles van Doren. Besides this,

The 'Connected Books' reading mail

Do you enjoy reading? Are you on the lookout for novel books? And want to get fresh ideas? If so, chances are high you'll enjoy a monthly mail from me. Every four-ish weeks,